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Maintenance and inspection of Komatsu PC200-7 excavator engine

The inspection and maintenance of Komatsu PC200-7 excavator engine mainly includes three categories: engine lubrication system inspection and maintenance, engine cooling system inspection and maintenance, engine air filter inspection and maintenance.

Check the oil level of the engine oil every day. The correct inspection method is as follows:


First, stop the equipment on the horizontal ground for about 15 minutes, take out the dipstick, and wipe the oil stain on the dipstick with a clean cloth; then, re-insert the dipstick and take it out to observe the oil level. The normal oil level should be marked in the engraved line. If the oil level is low, you can refuel through the fuel filler.


Oils with different viscosity should be replaced according to the trend of temperature change, as shown in Table 4. SAE15 or the same level can be used in summer and winter; SAE40 or the same level should be used in high temperature areas; SAE10W or similar level should be used in low temperature areas.


How to change the oil First, park the machine on a flat surface, run the engine at low speed and no load for 5 minutes, and turn off the engine.


Next, unscrew the oil drain plug under the oil pan, let the oil flow through the clean filter cloth into the container with the capacity larger than the oil pan capacity. After draining the oil, check if there is any foreign matter such as metal debris on the cloth, and then tighten. Oil drain plug.


Again, remove the oil main filter and bypass filter with a filter wrench, clean the filter gasket contact surface, apply a layer of clean oil to the new filter seal. Install a new filter (pour new oil) ), rotate the filter clockwise by hand (be careful not to overtighten) until the gasket contacts the contact surface.


Then, open the fuel filler and add the new engine oil recommended by the manufacturer to the engine. After 15 minutes, check whether the oil level is between the oil level markings and then install the fuel filler cap.


Finally, start the engine and run the engine at low speed and no load for 5min. Check if the engine oil pressure indicator on the monitor disk is extinguished immediately. If it is not extinguished, immediately turn off the engine and find the cause. After turning